About Sarah

Sarah Anderson’s paintings are produced out of instinct without a defined plan. The ideas and influences in her work are derived from personal experience and life happenings but the basic driving force is instinct; the rest exist to subconsciously guide the work. A fluctuating emotional state from week to week or month to month, whether minimal or extreme, is the driving force behind her paintings. They sometimes become a sort of personal diary without the precision of a day to day account of life’s events.

Her paintings show an obsessive show of a love for colour, in an attempt to use colour as a powerful expression of emotion. Texture is created through the application of plaster, wax and oil or by removing the surface by sanding, scratching and scraping. By incorporating textures, rhythm and space are created within the paintings. As the work progresses, it becomes centered on the paint that is applied to the different textures and the integration of the paint and colours to the work to create a cohesive whole.

As her artistic practice and life progresses, she has become fascinated by what drives us through life. This direction can be correlated to the pieces of a puzzle. Each decision drives our destiny and can be correlated to another puzzle piece. Similarly to how she views one’s life, her artistic practice is one of discovering which piece will fit next. The results are paintings that evoke images of systems or paths linked by piecing the puzzle together.

Sarah joined the Enriched Bread Artists in 2005, 3 years after completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts program at the University of Ottawa in 2002.  Her works can be found in private and corporate collections in Boston, Toronto, Sault Ste Marie and Ottawa.